Why Siteclan?
We’re a small startup so we understand the challenges of getting things off the ground. Our process is a little different so that game developers, creatives, sole traders, and entrepreneurs get a website the right way, the no fuss way. Our websites focus on simplicity and content, are ready in 48 hours, require no customer coding/design, work on mobile, and can be improved & updated as and when you need. We believe our customers pay for more than just a website. They pay for service, and advice, and support. We give that too!
Game Developers
We come from the games industry and owe a lot to it. We want to support it and the developers making wonderful games. We've done this by offering special offers to various types of studios. Find out more below.
Our frameworks are meticulously designed, function perfectly, are made to improve a business' online presence, and work on mobile. Let's make a framework your personal site!
App - £400.00
Recommended for developers.
Games - £400.00
Recommended for game developers.
Artist - £300.00
Recommended for artists & photographers.
Business - £360.00
Recommended for all businesses.
Profile - £360.00
Recommended for sole traders & freelancers.
Graduate - £300.00
Recommended for graduates & students.
Clean - £460.00
Recommended for creatives & freelancers.
Personal - £190.00
Recommended for artists & individuals.
Minimalist - £460.00
Recommended for service based businesses.
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You might have a question. You might have a request for the glossary. You might just like making new friends! Whatever it is, feel free to say hi and let us know how we can help.

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