Sometimes we all have questions! We've tried to second guess yours and give you some full, helpful answers. Explore our most frequently asked below.

Siteclan sits somewhere in between DIY website services and digital agencies. We provide an option for small businesses and individuals who want quick and affordable websites without having to design or develop anything themselves and, most importantly, without compromising on quality and beauty. We believe that our solution is the balance between the current options available to startups or small businesses.

No, nothing at all. All you need to do is fill out the straightforward form we send after you buy a website. We handle all of the website building. You just personalise it with words and pictures!

No, there are no monthly costs. Hosting costs are included when you buy a website. After a year we’ll ask if you want to renew your website for £190.00 and there’s no obligation to renew if you no longer need a website. 

No! We handle and manage the hosting for all new websites. Don’t worry about servers or hosting. We’ll worry about it for you.

When you checkout, we’ll ask whether you need us to buy a domain name for you. You tell us what domain name you want to use during checkout and wham-bam-thank-you-siteclan, we’ll sort it all out for you! No sweat.

Absolutely! And it’s really quick to make the transition as you should already have the text and images available from your current website. There’s an additional step needed once the site is ready to go live so your domain points to our website… but this is super quick and we’ll advise on this when the time is right!

An unlimited amount! Once your website is live you can log into your dashboard and access the updates page. You can process updates and changes to existing content whenever you like using our simple and quick forms that display after you select what change you want to make. We’ll receive your request and action it within 48 hours. Additional features and pages must be purchased as one-off items in our bolt-on shop. 

Yes, you can! This can be done once you’ve purchased a website. Our bolt-ons are available once you’ve purchased a website and allow you to add to what you already have. Bolt-ons range from new pages, new functionality, analytics reports, and much more. And they are cheap, one off purchases so you can easily manage long-term costs for improving your website. If you want something added that isn’t available as a bolt-on, get in touch. We’ll make sure you get what you need.

Sure! You can have as many as you’d like! We manage websites based on their domain names. So you’d just need to reference the correct domain name when submitting update or bolt-on requests.

You sure can! And, in some instances, it’s much easier on mobile/tablet. Our content submission forms and update forms work scale beautifully on mobile. Adding images is incredibly easy as clicking on the upload button will allow you to choose a picture from your device library. So, you could snap pictures of your office, team members, or work on your phone and quickly request them to be added to your website using our submission forms. Image changes can be submitted within 30 seconds!

You could buy a website and fill out a content submission form while on the train from your iPhone! Marvellous.

Yes. However, we’ve not included this on the content submission form. We’ve included this option as a bolt-on (Accreditations or Partnerships). Once your website is built, you can ask us to include these accreditations via our bolt-on page.

We’d like to think so 🙂 We know that each customer is different. And although we’ve tried to accommodate everyone through design and bolt-on offerings, there might be something you need that’s not on offer. If that’s the case, get in touch! We like learning from what our customers need. It’s likely someone else needs something similar and we can add it to our bolt-on options.

If you experience a problem or bug with your website then please get in touch with us via the contact form on our homepage. Let us know the issue you’re experiencing and the link to your website. We’ll take a look ASAP. Because our website frameworks are pre-built they should be without issue. But some small things might slip through. Let us know and we’ll get them fixed for you.